Amazing Value Electric Scooter | SoFlow SO1 Overview

Author: Pure Electric via YouTube
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Amazing Value Electric Scooter | SoFlow SO1 Overview

Soflow’s SO1 is one of the most affordable electric scooter’s around costing just £249 at the time of filming. So you may be wondering if that means too many compromises have been made. Keep watching to find out.

SoFlow SO1:

[At time of publication, it is illegal to ride a privately-owned e-scooter on the public highway in the UK. All riding shots and photos in this video were filmed on private land with the landowner’s permission. You must adhere to national and local laws governing e-scooter use. For the latest information see:]

Intro – 00:00
Headline spec – 00:31
Build quality – 01:13
Ride quality – 01:37
Acceleration – 03:03
Climbing – 03:16
Braking – 03:54
Folding – 04:25
Display – 04:49
Apps – 05:17
What we’d change – 05:30

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