How To Connect A 60A BMS to an Electric Skateboard Battery Pack

Video by via YouTube Source In this video, I’ll show you how we install our 60A BMS to our Electric Skateboard Battery Pack. This is specifically for our 12S4P Samsung 30Q 18650 Electric Skateboard Battery Pack which we no longer sell but this provides as reference for those who still have it. We now […]

GPTChat is very impressive …Extraordinary technology, love your work !!! :) Andrew Penman Reviews⚔️

Video by Andrew Penman Via YouTube Source GPTChat is impressive ….. nice work 🙂 Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews YouTube⚔️ This really is astounding piece of advanced technology …the exponential curve on AI is not exciting but ….damn scary, this will change everything moving forward as we know it !!! I’m just so happy and excited […]

Backfire Zealot X + 120 mm Rubber Wheels – Real World “Raw Run”

Video by EboardMY via YouTube Source How Backfire Zealot X performs in real world commutes? Lets watch 2.5 KM of my "Raw Run" in a small city, Balik Pulau, Penang, Malaysia! Backfire Zealot X Backfire 120 mm MO wheels Follow us on Instagram! Shop Electric Skateboards in Malaysia: Shop If you need help on […]

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