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How To Install Electric Skateboard Battery Pack onto Electric Skateboard Deck

Video by DIYElectricSkateboard.com via YouTube Source In this video, I’ll show you how we install our Electric Skateboard Battery Pack onto our Electric Skateboard Deck. The benefit of using our Battery Velcro Straps is the weight of the heavy battery pack doesn’t have to put as much pressure against your enclosure and takes some weight […]


Video by Evolve Skateboards Via YouTube Source How do I service my Evolve Skateboard? Our technician, Rob, runs us through some of the common issues we see customers experiencing that can be easily avoided by some simple maintenance from time to time. #ElectricSkateboarding #eSkate #Service #HowTo _________________________________________________ Want to WIN an Evolve Skateboard? We giveaway […]

Brief look at the Verreal Ace – $599 Belt-driven Electric Shortboard

Video by Electric Skateboard HQ via YouTube Source On May 2023, Verreal released its new $599 electric shortboard, the Verreal ACE. Full review coming soon. Verreal Ace (use link below and code: "ESKATEHQ" to get $5 off) https://www.electricskateboardhq.com/VrlAce Protective Gear we use: Nobleman Protective Gear (Use code “ESKATEHQ” to receive 5% off) https://www.electricskateboardhq.com/YT_NoblemanTech Want to […]

Teamgee G3 Electric Scooter Review, Best Budget Electric Commuter Scooter

Video by Teamgee Skateboard via YouTube Source Video reproduced from https://youtu.be/9aDZZxVDTgA by Spider Wayne. The first review of Teamgee G3 electric scooter. Teamgee G3 electric scooter is mainly designed for urban commuters and college students. It can get rid of cumbersome traffic and reach the destination easily. It is also suitable for leisure cruising. Go […]

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