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esk8 news 7-01-22

… SYL-08 esk8 owners worldwide – Facebook Amazon sells a battery that has worked well for my 4wd. I’m running two of these in parallel on the black board. I can vouch for this (2 of them). … IN the STREETS with DCESK8 || NCESK8 || ESK8 Vlog Hall Way TV NCESK8 and CLT.ESKATE hit […]

Battle of the Long Range E-bikes: Comparison Between the ROGI Max Plus and the Ji MOVE MC

Video by Falcon Pev | Pab Pmd Escooter Ebike Shop Singapore via YouTube Source All Scooterheads! Follow us on… IG: FB: Both the Rogi Max Plus and Ji Move MC both come with 36V 21ah batteries, so what differentiates them? Do they have the same performance? Do they have the same ride comfort? […]

Begode Master Testing #shorts

Video by Personal Electric Transport Ltd. via YouTube Source The Master is a powerful new wheel from Begode boasting speed and torque. Find out more Shop PET Online ⚡️ 🛴 Shop Electric Scooters 🚲 Shop Electric Bikes ⚫️ Shop Electric Unicycles ⛑ Shop Accessories Staff Pics ✅ 🛴 🚲 […]

Электровело Фэтбайк Minako F10

Video by Raptor TV Electric scooters via YouTube Source Электровело Фэтбайк Minako F10 наша группа Вконтакте!!! вступайте в нее пока есть ютуб!!! Наш телеграмм канал: Наша группа в телеграмм: Наш Сайт : Tiktok: Наш канал RUTUBE: Приветствуем всех владельцев электротранспорта! Все те кто еще не купил самокат, моноколесо или […]

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