Esk8Con 2023

Video by Hoyt St Electric Skate via YouTube Source The Zoobomb Crew (Hoyt St, Metroboard and Duck Battery Systems) showed up in force for Esk8Con 2023 with the Hoytmobile loaded up with 12 boards for demos and racing. Amazing event, fantastic races, good weather and great friends. See y’all next year! Go to Source Author: […]

Unrivaled Performance + Style: Zealot X Electric Skateboard

Video by Backfire Boards via YouTube Source The Zealot X is a belt-driven all-purpose electric longboard built on Backfire’s fifth generation platform. It is priced at $1,199 and is available now at the following links. GLOBAL: USA: The Zealot X comes in white with a luminous emblem that lights up when the board […]

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