Are Electric Scooters a Good Thing For Kids and Adults?

Author: Planet Saver Scooters via YouTube
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Are Electric Scooters a Good Thing For Kids and Adults? is back after a little ten year hiatus. Only this time around we decided to fill our new hobby e-store with scooters of the Planet Saver electric kind. Also this time the shipping is not only fast it’s also included in our price. We just call it … Free Shipping. Our goal is making the buying experience as smooth as the way these motorized scooters ride.

The idea of this video was first off to have the words “Fastest Electric Scooters” and the word “Good” in the video title and then offer up some of the positive aspects of using electric scooters whether it be for personnel transportation or for just taking things to the extreme.

The dock-less scooter sharing app thing is bringing nothing but bad news about electric scooters via big media all the time now. Just go put the words fast electric scooters into Google Alerts and it’s page after page of people mad at people kind of stuff.

Yes it’s dangerous. Even the best electric scooter for kids is dangerous. Street legal scooters are dangerous. People are dangerous. The faster you go the better you got to be is the key to understanding what and what not you should be trying to do.

So are electric scooters a good thing even for kids and adults?
We think the answer is … they can be in the right hands…

Check out the video and see what you think.

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