Are Skater Trainers Worth The Money? Review from Zachary P #shorts

Video by SkaterTrainer via YouTube
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Are Skater Trainers Worth The Money?  Review from Zachary P #shorts

​ @Zachary Padilla blew us away with his unsolicited review of #SkaterTrainers. He gets it!
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Skater Trainers mission is to help anyone learn a skateboard trick, stay excited about their skateboarding, and get what they want out of it….which is awesome tricks. SkaterTrainers are a patented gadget that helps beginners learn how to ollie, how to kickflip, and more. It helps you have more fun faster by getting the movements of the trick down fast so you can take them off and learn how to ollie for real. It is a huge confidence builder for beginners and guaranteed to help. We have 1000’s of great reviews on the internet. Parents and skaters alike think it is the best investment they have made to help them with their skating, stay stoked about their progress, and not quit.

SkaterTrainers fit on any skateboard wheel and are very durable. It simply stops the board from moving so you can practice without worrying about slipping out. Way better than a crack because you don’t land back in the crack and better than grass or carpet because you don’t get any pop on the grass.

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