Best Electric Scooter for Unbeatable Stability and Comfort – Swifty’s Big Wheel E-Scooters

Best Electric Scooter for Unbeatable Stability and Comfort - Swifty's Big Wheel E-Scooters

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Transform your journey with Swifty’s Scooters’ range of electric scooters. Every one of our scooters is safe by design, built to last and shows off the best of British innovation!

With a choice of four different models, the Swifty Electric range feature large 16inch (305 mm) wheels meaning you’re ready to handle whatever the path ahead throws at you.

The e-scooter’s big wheels and high-pressure tyres give a fantastically smooth ride across mixed terrain and in any weather. You can appreciate the Swifty glide even more with both feet on the footplate!

Each of the Swifty e-scooters also benefits from being kick-assisted. This means the 250W brushless hub motor can either be powered by the 36V lithium-ion battery up to a max speed of 15.5 mph or can be used as a regular kick scooter with no resistance from the motor.

As a result, you get the best of both scooting worlds as you head out on a Swifty electric scooter – active and electric together!

The scooter in this video is the SwiftyONE-e, the big wheel foldable commuter scooter. With a range of 25 miles on the battery as well as the ability to extend that by mixing in active travel you can transform your commute, and when you get to the office simply fold your scooter up and store it under your desk for the day!

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