Brian at 9 Rounds Buys A Dualped Cruiser!

Author: Chris Dallas Dualped via YouTube
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Brian at 9 Rounds Buys A Dualped Cruiser!

Here’s yet another new customer who’s name is Brian that I had the great pleasure of meeting today downtown Toronto at Christie & St. Clair, he took delivery of the Dualped Cruiser which is only $899USD & it’s the BEST daily commute scooter hands down. I personally delivered his scooter so if you are local and want one delivered to your door feel free to call me at 647-951-4207 but we also ship world-wide and into the USA it takes only 5 business days for you to get yours!

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World’s fastest 60V scooters, Pick yours up today we have the BEST proprietary motors & controllers in the business!

Dualped Scooters absolutely smoke the competition! We take pride in our scooters and unlike the cheap Chinese scooters you get online we equip our scooters with proprietary motors, controllers and batteries. Each motor is hand picked and fine tuned to get the highest RPMS and torque possible to achieve the highest speeds possible without burning the motors which is a common cause to cheap generic motors that are on just about every other scooter out there. These are ONLY available from us directly, you are buying direct, we are the manufacturer of these scooters and unlike the Korean competitors who charge $6000-$8000 you will pay a fraction of that here. Go to and get yours today! WORLD’S FASTEST ELECTRIC SCOOTERS

647-951-4207 – YES we ship world-wide

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and here is the customer Derrick a.k.a. Talon Black taking delivery WORLD’S FASTEST ELECTRIC SCOOTERS

647-951-4207 – YES we ship world-wide

Dualped Cruiser Only $899

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World’s fastest electric scooters with Proprietary motors, controllers and the best Samsung cells in the industry..

Links below are customers who bought our scooters and are just starting to post…

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These are GORGEOUS we believe they will appeal to the masses and remember that both The Dualped Scorpion & Scorpion + have proprietary motors NOT available anywhere else on the planet..they are specially tuned for high RPM’s and high output torque and also have 2 specially designed controllers at 40 & 45 amps and 30ah or38.5ah Premium Samsung cells..the motors are designed from the ground up by us & with the help of the largest motor manufacturer in China..we DON’T sell them elsewhere and can ONLY be experienced on the Dualped Scorpion + directly from

– more info at

To order one go to for any other questions feel free to email us at YES we ship world-wide.

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