Compare Freego E10 Pro with Ninebot G30

Video by Freego Group via YouTube Source
Compare Freego E10 Pro with Ninebot G30

Highlights of Freego E10 Pro
1. 10”inch Wheels, larger than average scooters in the market.
2. New technology tires. No tube, no inflation required. No need to fill air and no need to maintenance. No worry about flat tire
3. Powerful motor, 500W average and 800W peak at 48V voltage. Most are 350W at 36V. High voltage means less current which reduce power consumption and heat. It can expand the lifespan of electric motors, battery and PCB.
4. Front suspension. Freego uses front suspension for all its scooters to offer a comfortable riding experience. It can absorb the vibration when the wheels tough floor.
5. All wires are hidden inside the scooter tubes. Safe, durable and elegant
6. High-speed design 40km/h and easy to be switched between 40kph and 25kph by simple instructions

Freego E10 Pro can go faster, powerful, comfortable riding experience with Nice unique elegant design.

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