Dual Motor 1000w Hyper (Motorised) Scooter Review – The Bolzzen Dynamo

Dual Motor 1000w Hyper (Motorised) Scooter Review - The Bolzzen Dynamo

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Riding an electric kick scooter at speeds higher than 25km/h significantly increase the riders risk of injury and severity of harm. Modifying your motorised scooter against manufacturer recommendations may invalidate your warranty, and lead to injury or death.

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The Ballista Bolzzen Dynamo! This animal is not for the faint hearted or the inexperienced rider, with dual 1000W motors, it produces neck-snapping all-wheel-drive performance! The 18.2Ah Lithium battery will give you great range especially if you choose to drop to one motor and also the eco mode. The Dynamo has serious dual suspension with high ground clearance, so jumping off gutters etc is a breeze. Front and rear disc brakes takes care of the stopping power, which you’ll be thankful for once you experience the power.

Battery: Lithium-ion 18.2Ah / 52V / 946.4Wh
Charge time: 12 Hours (or 6 Hours with Fast Charger or Two Chargers)
Maximum Range: 60km
Top Speed: 55km/h
Motor: 2x 1000w Hub Motor (2000w Combined)
Vehicle Weight: 29kg
Maximum Payload: 135kg
Number of Charging Ports: 2x
Max Incline: 25 degrees
Power Consumption: 2.2kWh per 100km
Tyre Size: 10inch Air Tyres
Suspension: Spring Suspension
Brake Systems: Disc and Regenerative Braking
Water Resistance: IP54 (approved for light rain and riding on wet surfaces)
Folding Handlebar: Yes
Key Lock Mechanism: Yes
Eco/Turbo Button Switch: Yes
Adjustable Suspension: Yes
Single/Dual Motor Button Switch: Yes
Fold to Lock Mechanism: Yes
Included in box: The Scooter, Battery Charger, User Manual, Toolkit

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