EBoards Monthly Update May 2018 Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews Vlog No 67

Author: Andrew Penman via YouTube

YeePlay Electric Skateboard OmoWheel Electric Booster Kits TeamGee Retro Electric Skateboard Unlimited Electric Skateboard Raptor 2 Zill Board

EBoards Monthly Update -Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews Vlog No 67

The 4 x EBoards covered.

No.1) YeePlay Electric Skateboard
$369 including Worldwide Shipping

No.2) OmoWheel by WinBoard
$299 US Electric Skateboard Booster Kits
Check out this product on Alibaba App WINboard OMOWHEEL DIY ABS enclosure 2.4Ghz remote 1500W*2 dual hub motor electric skateboard

No.3) TeamGee Electric Skateboard
$529 US + Shipping

No.4) Unlimited Electric Skateboards
(Note: I was quoting US $$ conversion figures on the Vid while the actual website shows euros € )
a) The cheapest Option is the single Booster System 99wh Dual 840 X2 Hub Drive System = $799US + Shipping
b) The full EBoard “Solo” with single Booster System 99wh Dual 840 X2 Hub Drive System = $1,130US

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