Freego ES 10S Video for Electric

Author: Freego Group via YouTube
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Freego ES 10S Video for Electric

ES-10S is designed for those who are more than 90kg.
Some features as below
1. It is heavy 19kg. not good for talking to bus or metro. That is to say, it is NOT portable. But it is foldable and possible to put into car trunk.
2. It is designed because the battery is big. 48V, 10Ah or 13Ah is good for log range riding. it can go 30-40km for user of 75kg or less. For those who are more than 90kg, it can go only 20-30km, especially for going uphills.
This scooter is good for climbing uphills. If it is more than 15 degree and more than 100 meters, i recommend ES-10D which comes with 2 motors 800W X 2=1600W power. it has 23.4Ah battery that can go around 50km range.
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