Freego Solar Generator 1000Wh

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Freego Solar Generator 1000Wh

Freego Solar Generator is made up of 2 parts.
Part 1: Portable Power Station 1000W
Part 2: Portable Solar Panels x 2pcs

There are 3 ways to charge the battery
1. You can fully charge it at home with the supplied DC charger before you go outside.
2. You can charge the power station with your car port- Cigar lighter (12V, 10Ah).
3. You can also charge it by 1 or 2 Solar Panels 100W or 200W which takes only 5-8 hours when you stay outdoors. Enjoy sunshine and get it charged at the same time.

The world is suffered by more and more CO2. We need to use Solar Panel to lower it and protect our world for a sustainable future.

Electric Vehicles are just one of the New Energy Resources. But don’t Solar Panels and Power Station. It is time to do something for our beloved earth.

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Freego Solar Generator 1000Wh
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