INMOTION V8f A Beginner’s Review UK | First Taste

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INMOTION V8f A Beginner's Review UK | First Taste

Why Exactly is the Inmotion V8F the Sweetheart of Beginner EUC Riders?

Our friend Washington who’s recently started his journey as an electric unicycle rider listened to our advice and decided to dedicate some time to getting his bearings on the Inmotion V8F.

After a couple of months, Wash is already a huge fan of the freedom that personal electric vehicles (PEVs) bring. Follow him as he shares his experiences and honest opinion on the ever popular Inmotion V8F EUC.

Over all, Wash found that the V8F great for learning the ropes, it’s ultraportable, handles inclines easily, allows to explore different areas, increased with excellent maneuverability.

This vlog is a part of  the PET x Worldofwash mini series called "First Taste" dedicated to a beginner rider’s experience of Electric Unicycles. While we’re huge fans of Kuji Rolls, Hsiang and Chooch’s youtube channels, we thought that it’s pretty important to show people what it’s really like to start from 0 on the learning curve of these micromobility machines.

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