Intro to the ZERO 10X Limited Bluetooth App

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Intro to the ZERO 10X Limited Bluetooth App

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The ZERO 10X Limited is one of the fastest 10 inch scooters anywhere and yet a little known feature of the ZERO 10X Limited is its programmable controllers. Using the MQCON app available on Android and Apple stores, the bluetooth app enables you to adjust many parameters on the controllers to improve the performance of your Limited. However, as a strong word of caution, only use this app if you know what you are doing with the parameters.

The MQCON app allows the advanced user to set parameters such as:
– Acceleration/deceleration profile
– Peak Discharge Current
– Power Level
– Throttle Response
– Temperature cutoff etc.

In a flat road race mode, you can set to max acceleration and DC current discharge but for normal urban use, you may want something that preserves battery life more and set the DC discharge current to something more conservative.

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