Introducing Razor’s new E Prime 3 – Product Features & Benefits

Author: RazorWorldwide via YouTube
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Introducing Razor's new E Prime 3 - Product Features & Benefits

Razor has introduced it’s fastest, lightest, longest-range commuter ever, the E Prime III.
If you’re looking for the power and speed of an industrial "share-scooter" without the germs and headaches of share-scooters, the E Prime III might be the right scooter for you.

Note: this item is not a children’s toy – it is a powerful method of transportation for adults 18 & over.

If you are looking for a Razor electric scooter for a child, teenager, or recreational adult uses, Razor has an entire line of electric scooters for riders of all ages and sizes.

Always check local laws for proper use of this item in your community. Use of a helmet and other protective gear is always recommended.

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