Introduction of Freego Product Catergories

Video by Freego Group via YouTube Source
Introduction of Freego Product Catergories

You can find Freego Product Catergories in this video.
Freego City Commuters Series
Model C8 | 8” Portable eScooter
Model E10 Pro | 10” Premium eScooter
Model F10 Pro | 10” Premium eScooter

Freego Suburban Leisure Series
Model F12 |12”Premium eScooter
Model F14 |14”Premium eScooter
4-wheel electric Skateboard

Freego Off-road Fun Series
Model D1 | 10” High-speed eScooter
Model EM-20FB | 20” Folding Fat e-Bike

Freego RideShare Series
Model V3 | 8.5” Sharing e-Scooter
Model V4.2 | 10” Sharing e-Scooter
Model V4.6 | 10” Sharing e-Scooter

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