Jetson Input – Extreme Terrain Stereo Hoverboard

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Jetson Input - Extreme Terrain Stereo Hoverboard

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If you’ve been waiting for a hoverboard that comes with the gift of sound and vision – it is here and it is the Input Extreme-Terrain Stereo Hoverboard. Play all your favorite tracks through the Input’s Bluetooth integrated wheel speakers, while the Input’s light-up body deck and light-up tires sync to the beat – it’s like you are a party on wheels. But don’t let all this style make you think there is no substance to the Input Extreme-Terrain Stereo Hoverboard. With its 500-Watt Dual Motor and extreme-terrain tires, the Input has more than enough output to power you off-road as well as through town. A top speed of 12 miles and a maximum battery range of 12 miles means you can get where you need to be and quick. The inclusion of Active Balance Technology makes riding foolproof for even the most novice of riders. It uses internal sensors that helps keep riders level and stable as they ride. When you’re riding the Input Extreme-Terrain Stereo Hoverboard you’re not just putting on a show, you are the show.

Jetson Input Extreme-Terrain Stereo Hoverboard
• Top Speed: Up To 12 mph
• Max Range: Up To 12 Miles
• Motor: Dual Motor
• Active Balance Technology keeps riders level and stable
• Anti-Slip Grip
• Illuminated Rims
• Illuminated Tires
• Light-Up Body Deck
• Bluetooth Integrated Wheel Speakers
• Lights Sync to the Beat

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