Julian Lewis | Bro Style by MOB Grip

Video by Mob Grip via YouTube
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Julian Lewis | Bro Style by MOB Grip

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Human wrecking-ball Julian Lewis roughs up every rail in sight for his Bro Style by MOB Grip part. Wait for that ender…

Follow Julian Lewis (https://www.instagram.com/_julianlewis/)
Filmed by:
Bryan Betz (https://www.instagram.com/bryanbetz/)
Tim Cisilino (https://www.instagram.com/timcisilino/)
Dan Stolling (https://www.instagram.com/danstolling/)
Peter Freeman (https://www.instagram.com/peterfreeman.mov/)
Andrew Real (https://www.instagram.com/druber_/)
Cody Long (https://www.instagram.com/codylonglens/)
Stone Hendrikx (https://www.instagram.com/stonehendrikx/)
Eric Dean (https://www.instagram.com/ericxdean/)

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