Markus & Peter Test Riding The Dualped Ultra World’s Fastest 60V Scooter

Markus & Peter Test Riding The Dualped Ultra World's Fastest 60V Scooter

Video by Chris Dallas Dualped via YouTube Source

Today I was back with these 2 fine young gentlemen Markus and Peter plus I also got to meet another great gentleman by the name of Brenton, in Meadowvale Ontario. Markus had already purchased a Dualped Spider the week prior and has now since also ordered a Dualped Spitfire but today they wanted to test ride the Fastest 60V scooter anywhere so we brought them the Dualped Ultra, let’s see how they liked it so please watch the entire video folks it’s a lot of fun. Hit me up folks if you want one we deliver even same day call me personally at 647-951-4207 Chris.

Check out the video on the Dualped Spitfire here
Check out the video on the Dualped Spitfire against the competition here

Filmed with the DJI Pocket 2

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