Lucid Air Gets 113-KWh Lithium Ion Battery For 500 Mile Range

To achieve this, Lucid has condensed the size of major components and systems including the battery pack and the motors which make up the Lucid Electric Advanced Platform (LEAP) skateboard.

Lucid Air battery capacity, cargo volume, other features …

That drivetrain is packaged tightly into the Lucid Electric Advanced Platform (LEAP) skateboard to maximizes interior space. As for cargo area, Lucid says the Air offers a total of 26.1 cubic feet …

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Twenty Jokes That’ll Make You Go “Karblowza!”

#1 “I Am” Mrs. Smith walks into a classroom of first-graders. “Good morning, class!” she says. “Today we will learn the letter ‘I’. Who can give me a sentence with a…
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Essential of exercise

Bodily hobby is an vital determinant of fitness. Its fundamental role in energy stability and weight control and in decreasing the risks of coronary coronary heart …
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Alternative Electric Skateboard?

With Boosted dead and gone, what boards out there are at the same (or better?) level as Boosted? submitted by /u/ChasinCrustacean to r/boostedboards [link] [comments…
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E-Scooter Online shop for sale

Hey everyone! After taking up a full-time job, I’m regretfully selling my Shopify online shop for electric mobility (see link). For anyone UK or EU based, I can in…
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Thoughts on dji inspire 1 with x5 good for complete noob?

Hello have the offer to trade one of my electric skateboards for a inspire 1 with x5 and i have never controlled a drone before so im not sure how hard/easy this one…
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I got drugged at the park

So, yesterday I(M16) was at the park, and I was trying to meditate because I want to boost my confidence and it was a nice day out. The problem was I couldn’t find a…
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How do I remove this cover to fix the power button? [Electric Skateboard – Vokul V1 Cruiser]

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Will the Mission be worth while?

After getting an electric skateboard (onewheel) I’m starting to look for an ebike for a little more practicality. I really like how the Mission looks, but slightly w…
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Creaking Zero 9 Stem

Hi, I recently got a zero9 after my last electric vehicle (an electric skateboard) got stolen. Plain and simple, I love it, it allows me to go faster speeds more con…
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Whoa this thing is incredible!

XR arrived yesterday. Took it out to a large field nearby and spent about 2 hours practicing. I told my fiancée to meet me out there after she got off work. Y’all…
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Electric Vehicle Company Canoo Announces Board Members

Canoo Holdings Ltd. (“Canoo”), a company developing breakthrough electric vehicles (EV) with a proprietary and highly …
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A question about a situation I encountered and what to do if I encounter something like this again

Its about a girl I encountered and a conversation I had So I rode my electric skateboard and i stopped by a grocery store to pick up some stuff. When I stopped in fr…
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Question about voltage

So i recently bought a new ESC with 29.4V Controller. On my specific battery, it said that its nominal voltage is 24V and its charger voltage is 29.4V. So, when I ge…
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Are electric skateboards legal in Ohio?

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Didn’t know this group existed. Whatsup guys, I ride an electric skateboard with a Surf/Rail adapter by Waterborne.

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