Nordic Coastal Saviour Day

Nordic Coastal Saviour Day

Video by Voi Scooters via YouTube Source

A few days ago, we partnered up with HallSverigeRent (Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation) and RenaMalaren (Keep Mälaren Clean Foundation) for the Nordic Coastal Saviour Day to protect and clean the Swedish coastlines and waters from trash. ❤️

From the clean-up in Södermälarstrand in Stockholm, 3 tonnes of waste was picked up – a mix of boat batteries, tires, supermarket trolleys, TVs, toilets, and other trash. 🛒 One e-scooter was found – however not a Voi!

Let this serve as a reminder for us all that keeping our environment clean is a responsibility we all carry – 365 days of a year. 🙏🏼 And that vandalism – of e-scooters or any other object – is not okay!

Special thanks to Fredrik Johansson from Rena Mälaren and Joakim Brodahl from Håll Sverige Rent. #Voi #CitiesMadeForLiving

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