OneWheel in the Snow in NYC

Author: Antoniolb14 via YouTube

Taking the one wheel in a snowing day crossing Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

This was filmed with a GoPro 6. This is first time I film with a GoPro, let me know if you like this kind of videos.

Song : Jimmy by Andrew Applepie

Warning: If you try to use your OneWheel in the snow put tape in the 2 ports it has like you can see in the video. The next day there were a lot of water in the streets and I forgot to put the tape and my OneWheel is just dead.

I’m sorry I have been lost for some time, but I’ve been busy a little. However, I have a lot of ideas for 2018!! So like and subscribe to stay tuned!

I want to thanks everyone who has been supporting me! Just one year ago Y submitted my first video to YouTube and the after that all these experiences have been awesome!!!

Happy Holidays and see you in 2018!!!

OneWheel in the Snow in NYC
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