OpenPilot Long Drive – London to Gatwick Airport – drive #9 – makevoid

Author: makevoid via YouTube

To all you guys that were wondering were I’ve been, why not enough videos, lol, I was editing this video, of course!

Drive from London to Gatwick Airport (mid week early AM) – 60FPS!

hope you’ll like it!

FCP has all those tweaks and sharpen (looking to save a bit to get a Resolve license for dat sharpen filter :D) but next video will be edited in Resolve on Linux – tell me which ones you like the most in the comments and why! Thanks 🙂


OpenPilot v 0.6.3


OP Drives playlist:



Openpilot is an aftermarket LKAS system, the one that came with my new car wasn’t working very well, so I bought one from

Video installation guide:


Track #1:

Song: Everybody’s Got Problems that Aren’t Mine
Artist: Chris Zabriskie

Track #2:

Song: Astral
Artist: Nomyn

really good CCbyA track 🙂


My setup:

I’m using an action camera (akaso v50x), software stabilization, ND filter (8) mounted on the passenger seat via a phone/tablet mount.
Edited with Final Cut Pro.

Car: 2016 Prius Active 1.8 (basic trim)

HD Version (file .mov)

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