OpenPilot Self Driving: Chill Self Driving for Everyone – OP Drive#4

Author: makevoid via YouTube

Fourth timelapse, this was a really sunny morning

Interesting to note that in this video I approach a bridge and I have the sun in my face

as I ascend this bridge and OP continues to drive perfectly (I looked at the screen and it had perfect lane lines detected)

my reaction was to disengage op (to take off the pedal from the gas to gradually slow my speed) because of reduced visibility – I have two cars behind but they’re not overtaking as they’re blinded by the sun too

OP instead drove no problem maintaining the speed of 45mph constantly and keeping my car centered throu and past dat bridge 🙂

well done OP! OP 1, Driver 0



I just did a (self) installation of an aftermarket LKAS, the one that came with my new car wasn’t working very well.

Link to an installation guide:


Music – Lovely
Artist: Amine Maxwell


My setup:

I’m using a 12MP camera smartphone to record (Xiaomi Mi MIX S2), no stabilization, wide angle lens (110deg) (from next video! :D).

OP is an aftermarket LKAS

HD Version (file .mov)


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