OpenPilot Self Driving: Chill Self Driving Kits – OP Drive#5

Author: makevoid via YouTube

Fifth video, again a timelapse, a morning on dual carriageway road ’round east london, small trip back and forth.

I changed camera offset from 0.06 to -0.02 and it seems to be better centered, I may try -0.04 in the future as I have the eon quite a bit on the right side. ( github commit “link”: )



Openpilot is an aftermarket LKAS system, the one that came with my new car wasn’t working very well, so I bought one from

Video installation guide:


Music: Better Days


My setup:

I’m using a 12MP camera smartphone to record (Xiaomi Mi MIX S2), no stabilization, wide angle lens (110deg)

Car: 2016 Prius Active 1.8 (basic trim)

HD Version (file .mov)
link coming soon!

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