Quest Review of 44″ Super Cruiser Bamboo Longboard

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Quest Review of 44" Super Cruiser Bamboo Longboard

Quest Review of 44" Super Cruiser Bamboo Longboard

If you’re looking for a board that rocks, then you’ve found it. Super Cruiser longboard from Quest will inspire you with the quality, style, and performance that its 44” artisan deck, original abstract graphics, rugged aluminum trucks, and durable 70 mm polyurethane wheels offer. Life is a quest, so make sure to enjoy the ride.

Get rolling straight away with Super Cruiser longboard’s 44” x 9.5” Bamboo longboard deck that is constructed from 7-ply super flex bamboo and hardwood maple. Thanks to its 70 mm x 51 mm transparent, stone ground wheels and ABEC-7 carbon bearings, you can now spend more time on the street enjoying smooth, shock-resistant rides. The 7” reactive reverse kingpin trucks also come with a polished finish, 24 mm x 16.5 mm 100A bushings, and 4 mm riser pads to supply the speed associated with cruisers and make the board capable of sustaining a higher weight limit than a standard bamboo longboard. Its black OS780 grip tape also helps hold your feet in place, and it sports a detailed bottom graphic that gives the entire board a great visual appeal. Enjoy the ride that life offers with Quest Super Cruiser.


Length: 44”
Width: 9.5”
Nose: 6.5”
Tail: 8.27”
Wheelbase: 26.378”
Weight: 7.6 lbs
Construction: 7-ply Super Flex Bamboo and Hardwood Maple
Mounting Style: Bottom Mount


7” Reactive Reverse Kingpin Trucks that make for a more stable and responsive ride
70 mm x 51 mm Transparent Stone Ground Wheels to help absorb bumps on your path even when cruising at top speed
Super Fast ABEC-7 Carbon Bearings for full movement and control on the road
4 mm Riser Pads for extra pop and to reduce the risk of wheel bites
Anti-Slip and Wear-Resistant Black OS780 Grip Tape
24 mm x 16.5 mmm Black 100A Bushings
Detailed Graphics on a Beautiful Artisan Deck

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