RazorX Electric Skateboard — Getting Started Guide

Author: RazorWorldwide via YouTube
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RazorX Electric Skateboard — Getting Started Guide

How do you get started with the RazorX longboard or cruiser? It’s pretty easy and this video will walk you through:

Step 1: checking box contents
Step 2: installing and charging batteries
Step 3: getting familiar with the controls

This guide is also helpful with the RazorX DLX electric skateboard.

More information about the RazorX longboard: https://www.razor.com/products/ripstiks-skateboards/razorx-longboard-electric-skateboard/
More information about the RazorX cruiser: https://www.razor.com/products/ripstiks-skateboards/razorx-cruiser-electric-skateboard/

Always wear appropriate safety equipment. Exercise caution and common sense – do not assume you can easily do everything you may see on a video, because all trick or aggressive riding takes practice and involves increased risks. Always check local laws regarding use of electric-powered products.

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