Saab 93 ECU Heat Insulator Kit – Urgent Mod Requirement- First Look & Full Install -Andrew Penman

Author: Andrew Penman via YouTube

Saab 93 ECU Heat Insulator Kit – “Urgent Mod Requirement”-First Look & Full Install -Andrew Penman YouTube

Saab 93ss ECU Heat Insulator Kit – First Look & Full Install – Andrew Penman YouTube as at …..16 February 2019

Urgent Modification Required ASAP …as new replacements part ECU’s .. are “NO LONGER AVAILABLE”

This is a brilliant clever design ECU Heat and Damper Modification Kit for your Saab 93.

As of January 2019 Saab AB International Parts Division are no longer making, manufacturing or selling the 93ss ECU Modules, they are simply no longer available and very limited supply of secondhand ones on the market Worldwide. Bear in mind if your ECU fails, and the life expectancy is 10 to 15 years of normal driving your Saab 93 will be rendered inoperable and can no longer effectively be driven or run.

It has been evaluated that heat and metal fatigue are the major culprits and factors effecting of the failing of these ECU units. Once this Heat Insulation Kit Modification is fitted to the vehicle you can expect to receive between 24°C and up to 33°C reduction in temperature heat to the Saab 93 ECU Module.

Saab 93ss T8 ENGINE ECU Heat Insulator Kit
Price = $90AUS + Shipping
International Shipping Rates will apply (item is very small/light … very affordable)

Models affected
9-3ss T8 ENGINES
The Saab models affected are all model Saab 9-3ss 4cyl Engines from 2003 to 2011.

Model Compatibility
The Saab 93 Models compatible which this Kit fits perfectly with are:
All Saab 93 models of 9-3ss Class with 4cyl engines from 2003 to 2011.

How to Purchase
Contact: Director: Stephen Emanuel

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