Season 3 Episode 20 – Season Finale My 2018 Favorite Group Rides

Author: Tishawn Fahie via YouTube

Hello All, its that time again , 20 Episodes in Season 3 finale! I thank you all for watching all my episodes! You guys are awesome! I’ve made some new friends and traveled all over the place. We are all a family!

Special Shout-Out to my
Melody Fahie My Wife!
Jack – Toronto
Miles & Jesse – San-Francisco
LoCK – The better camera guy NYC!
Andy – NYC
Raymond NYC
Afeez – euc Mavricks! London!
Daniel & Robin – I miss you guys – Sweeden!
Long Haired Boy!
Moe Stooge!
Anothony / Tony / Wife – San- Francisco!
Joe – San Diego
Michael E – Vegas baby
everybody else I miss I’m sorry!
and the Entire NYC EBoarding Community!

Look out for Season 4 on Tuesday!!
I Love You All!

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