Season 3 Episode 8 – The Massacre! NYC Destroys San Francisco Boosted board Contest!

Author: Tishawn Fahie via YouTube

Special thank you to our Boosted Board Ambassador Tom for setting up all the rides and making sure we had loads of fun!

Hello Everyone, thanks for tuning in. Yes NYC did win the show down. I was filming for the entire week. Here is some of that footage. PS this is friendly banter. NYC is the best we came together like a family would, and conquered! Huge shout-out to everyone that came out to ride with us to help us defeat SF! Until next year!

Huge shout-out to Jay Boston – he came all the way from Australia to ride with us!

Huge should shout-out to Archee – who also came down from Boston!

We had people from Philadelphia, Jersey and Connecticut! Thank you guys!!

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