St Lucia Sandals Grande Beach, Restaurants, Walk-around, Pools, Gym, Watch Before You Go Best Video.

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St Lucia Sandals Grande Beach, Restaurants, Walk-around, Pools, Gym, Watch Before You Go Best Video.

This was October 2018 …this is the second Sandals resort we went to and we came here daily from Sandals La Toc which was NOT great at all for the money we paid plus this one here called Sandals Grande in St. Lucia had a much nice beach, way nicer and we had a free shuttle bus from one Sandals to the other every 2 hours you can come and go as you please but we pretty much stayed here the entire day before heading back to La Toc at night…

So my wife and I decided we wanted to fly somewhere the next day for her birthday so we booked and the next day we were off flying to St. Lucia to stay at the well reviewed Sandals La TOC. It was the very last ticket available from Expedia with one room only we could’t upgrade everything else was sold out so we took that chance since regularly tickets are $6000 per person we got this deal at $5500 for the both of us so just under half price..we were excited…boy were we WRONG!!

I also have the other resort La Toc uploaded if you’d like to see it here

Watch this entire video and see what we got for the price we paid EVEN at HALF the price! The ocean and shear beauty of the location on a mountain was breathtaking but the resort WAS NOT! This hotel has been built in 1973 and Sandals took over in 1993 and the age of the place is very evident with mildew smell everywhere!

The up-keeping of the premises is horrid as you can see how it is aging and no signs of renovations externally to the place, many areas looked pretty bad. Inside the rooms were renovated but still looks old so it has been many moons ago since this place was well looked after IMO.

The resort is in the half mile beach which attracts HUGE currents and makes it IMPOSSIBLE to swim in the ocean. The place is an all inclusive but the food there was bland and no matter where you are regardless of restaurant the food was almost identical! Even the upscale French cuisine called La Toc their steaks were the same as the steaks you get in their other restaurants and they claim they are Filet Mignon I say NO THEY AREN’T! The steaks are all stringy like a flank steak! They should be ashamed to offer their customers who paid so much such low quality food and no matter what food you ordered it was NOT prime food like you should get at such a high $$$ resort..

The good thing about this resort is that you could use all 3 Sandals resorts if you wanted to, so let’s you wanted to go to the Sandals Halcyon or the Sandals Grande from La TOC and vice versa you could, just hop on the free bus that takes you there it’s a half hour ride but the issue was buses don’t leave until 11am!!! Which SUCKS by the time you get there what’s the point? They should have buses as early as 7am!! But the BEST Sandals there was BY FAR the Sandals Grande so if you ever decide to go there stay at the Sandals Grande I will have another video uploaded on Sandals Grande soon just editing it as I type.

Watch my full tour video of the Baha Mar in the Bahamas for half the price we got a REAL 5 Star Resort! This La TOC I would give it a 2 or a 2 1/2 star if the Baha Mar is a 5 star, this wan’t even CLOSE and at the Baha Mar although not all inclusive even with all the food you can feast on and were talking about 5 start restaurants some owned by celebrity chefs we spent less than $1000 on gourmet food that was delicious! Plus the beach there in the Bahamas is night and day better than this La TOC! Folks I warn you STAY AWAY!

This might suit some people I don’t know so watch the video you may like it but it was not for us unfortunately very disappointed.

Here below are tours of the Baha Mar and all it’s amenities

– Fountain View King Room

– Complete walk-around tour it’s amazing

– Regatta Dinner Buffet

– SLS Baha Mar

– Rosewoon Baha Mar

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