The End Episode 20

Author: Tishawn Fahie via YouTube

This is it – what way to end season 2 than to be in San Francisco! Check out this group featuring the BaySk8 Crew! Special Shout out to – Jesse Garnier, Miles, Antonio Vargas, Anthony Vano and Everyone else who made our trip special! Thank you all so much! The ESK8 community in California is AMAZING!

Stay tuned for SEASON 3!

Thank you all for watching! See you next time!

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People do not copy your favorite you tuber – Wear a Helmet. Accidents usually happen when you least expect it. Dont be a HASHTAG!

The NYC Eboarding Collective did a moment of silence for these 2 Riders.

This video entails a Queens Long Range ride. That’s all I’ll say for this video.

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