The new children’s electric power scooter is officially on sale

Author: Smart scooters Eswing via YouTube
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The new children's electric power scooter is officially on sale

ESWING’s latest electric power scooter MQ for children, this product uses electric boost, the power when sliding is mainly from the motor and battery, the child will be very labor-saving when going out, and the appearance is simple and good looking, Lightweight and easy to carry, suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old.
Electric kids scooters can be said to be Children the first "luxury cars" in the lives. Children’s scooters can be seen almost all children’s activity venues, squares, parks of the community. The power of ordinary children’s scooters is entirely dependent on the power generated by one-footed gliding. Many children will be tired after a few plays. Especially now that the weather is hot, it is easy for children to sweat and fatigue when slide hard. This Electric boost scooter solves this problem perfectly.

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