The NYC Electric Skateboard Crew Season 2 Episode 18: Hello Boosted Board Mini S

Author: Tishawn Fahie via YouTube

Welcome to Episode 18 – wow alot to cover. First there was a demo ride hosted by Boosted board. We were able to test out the Mini S. Mostly positive feedback despite not using loaded decks or Kegals wheels.

I was then able to attend the Flatland sessions in central park. Longboarders get together and teach beginners how to ride. Very fun and I always learn something new. Lastly – we began a group ride, I know it’s short but dont worry it will continue onto the next episode.

Thank you all for watching! See you next time!

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People do not copy your favorite you tuber – Wear a Helmet. Accidents usually happen when you least expect it. Dont be a HASHTAG!

The NYC Eboarding Collective did a moment of silence for these 2 Riders.

This video entails a Queens Long Range ride. That’s all I’ll say for this video.

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