The Swifty Podcast #17- 2020 Updates and Discussing the Legalisation of E-scooters in the UK

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The Swifty Podcast #17- 2020 Updates and Discussing the Legalisation of E-scooters in the UK

The Swifty Podcast ventures into 2020! For our first episode of the decade Jason and Camilla update you with the goings-on at Swifty HQ.

With the recent news that E-scooters are on track to be legalized in the UK soon, our co-founders also talk through what people can expect from scooter-sharing companies as they are today. Discussing the difference (or lack thereof) between companies, the public’s concerns towards this news, how this could be addressed through design and if they believe there is space for free-floating scooter sharing in the UK.

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Skip ahead to a certain point in the conversation below:

– 02:26 Jason’s experience at CES 2020 in Las Vegas
– 05:26 Potential legality of e-scooters in the UK and the micromobility rush in the UK
– 07:16 The concept of the standard scooter-sharing companies and how they’re all extremely similar
– 12:20 Safety concerns with the legalization of e-scooters in the UK. Is the problem wheel size?
– 16:40 Looking at the safety of scooters through their design choices
– 21:42 The potential issue that throttles on scooters bring cities
– 24:28 Jason’s recent trip to London and his experience with Jump Bikes
– 31:07 The cost of convenience. Are these schemes helping and saving people money, or is it just a novelty?
– 38:27 Is there still space for dockless scooter sharing in the world? Our thoughts
– 43:47 Updates on what to expect from Swifty over the next few months


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