The Swifty Podcast #23 – The Future of Personalised Coaching with Spoked’s Richard Lang

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The Swifty Podcast #23 - The Future of Personalised Coaching with Spoked's Richard Lang

For episode #23 Jason chats with Australian former professional cyclist Richard Lang about Spoked – his specialist, AI-driven coaching platform for cyclists – as well as delving into his history as a road racing cyclist.

Spoked website –

Spoked’s philosophy:

“We believe the word ‘personalised’ is used too loosely these days – just because a plan is built by a set of variables doesn’t mean it’s personalised to the athlete. A personalised plan is not a static training schedule that assumes nothing will go wrong. A truly personal plan is one that constantly adjusts and keeps the athlete on track when life gets in the way.

With this belief, we want to make it simple to train smarter through the power technology. Whether that’s supporting the riders or working with health and finesses to make this happen for their customers.”

Skip ahead to a point in the conversation below:

00:00 – Intro
01:05 – Richard briefly explains what Spoked is all about
02:31 – Richard talks about his earlier career as an Australian professional cyclist
16:20 – Post-cycling career, Ricard chats about the beginnings of how Spoked came together
39:21 – Jason asks Richard what 2022 holds for Spoked
42:00 – Jason and Richard have a fun chat about where the future is heading for personalised products
52:35 – Jason asks Richard about where he seeks inspiration from

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