The Vlog – Episode 01

Author: makevoid Via YouTube
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The Vlog - Episode 01

My first Vlog episode, number 1!1

beware: code 😀
scraper program code:


in this video I vlog about how I got my first openpilot enabled car

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There are 3 (hopefully just 3) errors in this video, if you find one (and you know the solution) post a comment below with the timestamp and DM me on twitter for a small “giveaway” 😉

I rushed out parts of this video which was the biggest video editing work I did ever, I hope I will get better soon at this 🙂

Stay tuned, videos every 1-2 weeks 🙂


spotted typos/code error found so far:
– ruby stdlib (—) ruby sdtlib @maik123 well spotted!
– search(“tag”)[0] (not possible) found, @rIchIe22s.

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