Unboxing the ZEROTRK GPS Immobilizer – Startup Instructions

Author: Falcon PEV via YouTube
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Unboxing the ZEROTRK GPS Immobilizer - Startup Instructions

Hello once again! Our ZEROTRK GPS Immobilizer is ready to be delivered into the hands of our riders. Its time to make your ride more secure from theft and other intrusions.

When you receive the ZEROTRK, do check out this video on how to get you started before actually starting it. It walks you through step by step. To install it on your e-scooter or e-bike, check out our video here:

As always, do drop us an email at sales@falconpev.com.sg if you have any questions. We promise to respond within 48 hours!

Disclaimer: The ZEROTRK does not replace a good lock. It complements a physical locking system before and after the lock has been compromised. The ZEROTRK has an early warning system that alerts the user to any tampering. And after the lock has been compromised, the ZEROTRK enables remote tracking and disabling of the e-scooter or ebike.

To purchase the ZEROTRK, please visit https://www.falconpev.com.sg/products/gps-tracker-for-ebike-and-escooter-etc

For more information on the ZEROTRK, visit https://www.zerotrk.com

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