Unboxing video for EM 20FB

Video by Freego Group via YouTube Source
Unboxing video for EM 20FB

This video to show you how to assemble Freego eBike when you receive the packing carton. It is not hard but some people need assistance for their first time to touch ebikes or eScooters. All ebikes must be packed with disassembled because we have to think about the shipping cost. One more reason is shipping security. If a bike is fully assembled and shipped by express, it will damage the Display and other parts. The best way is to do little assemble work after.

If you want to buy this ebike, please contact our sales team: sales@FreegoChina.cn
USD1499 including shipping cost to your door. Only availiable for USA customers because this bikes are stored in CA warehouse now. only 100 bikes left.. Do not miss it.

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