Veststarboard City SUV All Terrain EBoard – Full Unbox – Andrew Penman Reviews-Vlog No.106

Author: Andrew Penman via YouTube

Veststarboard City SUV All Terrain Electric Skateboard – Full Unbox – Andrew Penman Reviews – Vlog No.106

This is an extremely well built and well designed motorised electric skateboard for all-terrain use with included 83mm street wheel conversion.

Based on my initial review on first ride I can thoroughly recommend this product the Vestar City SUV Electric Skateboard All – Terrain and Street Wheel Conversion.

How to purchase the Vestar City SUV EBoard Conversion
Contact: Frank Wong
Tel: 86 13723737290/13723737291

Normal Price = US$929 (includes free shipping to 46 Countries and all import taxes) check with Frank to see if you country is included.

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Andrew Penman YouTube Subscriber ONLY Vestar City SUV Discount % = US$200 – off the retail price = US$729 (includes free shipping to 46 Countries and all Import Taxes)

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