WHAT A FALL!!! (Baja Vlog 2)

Author: BajaBoard via YouTube

We took out a few high performance boards out for a drag test.
The strip was about 60m, and the rank came out as:

BAJA G4X: 6.23sec
BAJA PANTERA (2WD mode): 6.90sec
Raptor 2.0: 7.84sec
LaCroix DSS60: 8.40sec
BAJA G4 (70% charge): 8.50sec

Unfortunately we couldn’t test the Pantera in 4WD mode, as there simply wasn’t enough run-off area to brake (before we hit a main road), so that had to count as DNF.

Will find a longer stretch in the future!

Alessandro has a fantastic single legged spill on the Pantera :DDD No injuries.

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