ZERO Scooters hydraulic brake Install

Author: Falcon PEV via YouTube
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ZERO Scooters hydraulic brake Install

The new Nutt hydraulic brakes is easy to install on the ZERO 9, Z10, Z10X and Z8X. This installation of the front brakes on the ZERO 10X is just an example of the steps involved but this applies to all models. The whole process if done by a non-professional takes one hour and no complicated tools are needed.

Here are the steps:
1. Remove the original red brake calipers
2. Plug and place the nutt brake calipers onto the original mount
3. Tune the brakes to ensure the brake pads are not rubbing
4. Thread the hydraulic brake hose through the frame using the old brake hose as a guide (there are many ways to do this)
5. Insert the valve cap into the other end of the brake hose and screw into the brake lever by tightening the nut
6. Test brake lever for tightness. Brakes should depress halfway.
7. Connect the electronic brake wires
8. Test e-brake connection using brake lights

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