ABEC11 107MM SuperFly Wheels For Electric Skateboard – METROBOARD

Author: Metroboard Electric Skateboard via YouTube
ABEC11 107MM SuperFly Wheels For Electric Skateboard - METROBOARD

ABEC11 recently introduced the 107 mm SuperFly Wheels for use with Electric Skateboards. Although Abec11 had an earlier version of this 107 mm wheel for many years, they recently updated the design to have the same inside bearing to urethane spacing as their popular “Flywheel” Series (e.g., 97 mm, 90 mm, 83 mm). This design change makes the 107 mm SuperFly Wheels compatible with electric skateboards that are designed for use with regular “Flywheels”.

These new wheels are not only larger in diameter, but also wider with a 64 mm width and 55 mm contact patch vs the regular “Flywheels” which ave a 52 mm width and 44 mm contact patch.

The SuperFlys also come standard with ABEC11’s premium 74A Reflex Formula. The Reflex formula can’t be beat in terms of durability, rebound, and traction.

The SuperFlys will give you the most cush ride on an electric longboard and will seriously take the edge off of road vibrations and less than perfect streets.

Learn how to install Abec11 107 mm SuperFlys on the Metroboard Electric Skateboard!

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