All Terrain vs Street Wheels – Evolve Skateboards Weekly Ep. 41

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All Terrain vs Street Wheels - Evolve Skateboards Weekly Ep. 41

This week we will help answer one of the most hotly debated questions in the Evolve skateboard community, which is better – All terrain or street wheels?

Changing the wheels on an Evolve skateboard is quite an easy process. So in this video we will take you through how the two main types of wheels you can fit on an Evolve board, perform. We will be using two Carbon GTs – one fitted with the Evolve 83mm street wheels, the other with All terrain (AT) tires. We will ride both boards over a 11km circuit covering a variety of terrain such as road, path, cobbled pavement, tracks, speed bumps, grass, dirt and a very bumpy boardwalk. At the end of the ride we will give you a review on how the two wheel setups performed as well as covering how the different wheels affected the battery. This should hopefully give you some insight into choosing which wheel setup is right for your Evolve electric skateboard.

As mentioned, the wheel setup on an Evolve board is something people are very passionate about – so at the end of the video we also feature some community input.

The Evolve skateboards are fairly unique in the sense that they can be converted from Street setup to All-terrain setup (or as it’s also known – AT wheel setup). The conversion can be done pretty easily with the Evolve street conversion kit or Evolve all terrain conversion kit. While the All-terrain / AT setup is limited to the standard AT and Off road tires, the street wheel customization selection is massive. We have listed some related Evolve skateboard wheel videos below, to help you find out more.

The boards that can be fitted with both the all terrain and street wheels are the Bamboo GT, the Carbon GT and the GTX. Our older Gen 2 Bamboo and Gen 1 Carbon boards can also fit both types. The Evolve One is limited to street wheels.

Which is your favourite wheel setup on an Evolve skateboard?

Street Wheels Compared:
ABEC11 Evolve 107mm Review:
Wheel Customization:

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Remember to be fully aware of your surroundings and ensure safety comes first.

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All Terrain vs Street Wheels – Evolve Skateboards Weekly Ep. 41
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