APSUBOARD X1 Hill Climb Test – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews – Vlog No. 115

Author: Andrew Penman via YouTube

APSUBOARD X1 Hill Climb Test – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews – Vlog No. 115

APSUBOARD Board Electric Skateboard Motorised Skateboard EBoard is an amazing premium 2,000w Dual Belt Drive 16mm thickness Belt driven longboard.

This is the current new designed APSUBoard X1 Model EBoard coming out of China Shenzhen with new 1000w X2 motors Dual Belt Drive Motor set up ie total = 2000watts. This particular EBoard the APSU EBoard has a very nice smooth ESC for ultrafine breaking and acceleration. The remote is LCD with Odometer / High Speed and incorporating 4 levels of brake adjustments from the remote control.

APSUBoard X1 Electric Skateboard.
Contact: Nancy
Website: https://apsuboard.com/collections/frontpage/products/38-apsuboard-dual-belt-electric-skateboard

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/board.apsu

a) APSUBoard X1 Model 8.0Ah = $599US (reduced from $899US)

b) APSUBoard X1 Model 12.8Ah Panasonic = $739US (reduced from $1,039US)

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360° VR View (When Applicable)
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Note: Please adjust the resolution settings by clicking the “three little dots” in the top right hand corner of the screen and select the resolution that best suits your data download.
Highest Resolution fur my current camera is 1440p
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Drone -DjI Spark
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