Base Camp F11 Back to the Future Range Test – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews Vlog No.200

Video by Andrew Penman Via YouTube
Base Camp F11 Back to the Future Range Test - Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews Vlog No.200

Base Camp F11 Back to the Future Range Test – Andrew Penman EBoard Reviews Vlog No.200

Cheapest EBoard available – No.1 Electric Board for Skate Parks and Cement Waves ✅ Electric Skateboard Esk8 Motorised Skateboard Powered Skateboard EBoard Reviews

Today’s Unbox is very special, this is a unique small single hub motor electric skateboard from Base Camp the F11 that will serve many purposes as outlined in the video, and really is quite an interesting board to review.

The Base Camp F11 is an amazing little Eboard for not only the price $$ but for its build quality and panache. The board is certainly a light weight board at 5.4 kg and has an average to low torque 300w brushless motor. This is not the Eboard to purchase if you’re over 90kg or you are requiring Hill climbs and a faster TopSpeed. However, this board is as outlined in the video a perfect board for the new comer into the sport or … as well as the advanced Pro Rider for a skate park carving Eboard. There’s a link to my modifications in terms of preparing it for the skate parks tight turning ability, and all I’m very impressed with this board it’s certainly text many boxes,
Today’s Review Rating is not indicative of the power, torque or range of this F11 board …. but it’s Rating is relation to the reflection to its individual specs that are particularly designed for this board class and is being reviewed in the scope of its application – Andrew Penman 2022

Base Camp F11 – Double Range Test Rating:
9.2/10 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

NOTE: All the wheels are replaceable ….. Including the Single 300w Motor Urethane sleeve …. these will become available “as a set” or ….can be “purchased individually” and will be available on the Base Camp website in due course 👍✅



Base Camp F11 EBoard 300w Single Hub Drive

Price = $865 AUS + Worldwide Shipping (only Free to the US at the moment)

– Less 10% for joining Base Camp website Subscription – Base Camp Offer

– Less an Extra … 50% Discount as my YouTube Subscriber ✅ for 2 weeks only !!
/ Expires 31st October 2022
(Then reverts to 40% Discount)


✅ Revised Price becomes: $389 AUS 🔥

F11 EBoard – Andrew Penman’s personal designed change / upgrade Mod / Hack to increase performance. Video Link:

Modus Risers
1/8" Blue (2 In each pack)
Price: $7.00 AUS

Mini Logo
SOFT 84a
Barrel & Cone (1 set)
Price: $6.00 AUS

Camera – GoPro Hero 9 / iPhone 7 Plus
/ Insta 360° Nano 1
Microphone – GoPro Media Mod Shotgun Mic
Drone -DjI Spark
Music 🎵
Huey Lewis and The News “The Power of Love” courtesy of UMG Music & Huey Lewis
Floppy Circus ”All the Happy Days”
Records – Soundcloud (Non Copyright)

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