Backfire G2s electric skateboard release

Author: BACKFIRE BOARDS via YouTube

Thanks to @Daniel Kwan

People have been complaining several problems of G2 have been solved on G2s.
Range: We use 5.0Ah battery on G2s instead of 4Ah, At the same time, the efficiency of the controller is adjusted, so the range is upgraded to 12.5Miles (75kg rider, 30km/h speed, flat road)
Truck: Equipped with world famous brand CALIBER, smooth carving, and stable on high speed
ESC: This is the most vulnerable place on the G2, this gives us a very big headache
G2’s ESC is Double PCB plate which is very easy to delaminate in vibration then cause issues, now G2s’s ESC is only 1 plate
G2’s ESC is very easy to receive the erosion of water and dust due to the uncovered chip but G2s’s ESC was wholly covered by Waterproof and thermally conductive adhesive
ESC Program:The rewritten program allows acceleration and brakes to be more smooth and controllable no more jerky felling
Rubber gasket:New rubber gaskets are added under the battery box and the electric control box, which effectively reduces the probability of water intake and eliminates the noise during running.
96mm Wheels: free 96mm wheels in each package

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