Can Your E-Skate Travel With You Anywhere?

Author: Mellow Boards via YouTube
Can Your E-Skate Travel With You Anywhere?

Can Your E-Skate Do This? #6 🤔Go Anywhere!

When creating our electric skateboard we wanted to make sure it could come with us anywhere so we designed it with a battery that meets air-travel requirements. So this meant a small, smart, powerful, safe and swappable battery which makes for a truly endless ride around the world ✈️🌍


If we just wanted to get from A to B we’d take the bus. Mellow is about the real concrete surf.

These are some of the most important key features of the Mellow Electric Skateboard Drive:
1. Fits on any Board
2. 40 km/h Top Speed
3. Dual Braking System
4. Made in Germany, 2 Year Warranty
5. Water and Dust Proof
6. Swappable Battery Pack, Powerbank, Air Travel Approved
7. App Support 24/7

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Keep Riding. Stay Mellow.


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